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2004-2007 Ecole Polytechnique, Physics and Economics

2007-2008 Ensae, Macroeconomics

2009 Dynare Summer School

2009 June 29 to July 3 Barcelona Macroeconomic Summer School



2008-2009 - Banque de France, Monetary Policy Division

since September 2009 - Insee Quarterly National Accounts Division, Head of section "household's consumption expenditures"




With Jean Barthélemy and Magali Marx, Banque de France, a working paper on trend modeling in a DSGE model for monetary policy entitled Trends and cycles, an historical review of the euro area



2008-2009 and 2009-2010 - ENSAE,

Teaching assistant  Macroeconomics, M1 first semester

2009-2010 Master2 Economics and Public Policy, (Polytechnique, Ensae, Sciences-Po, )

Teaching assistant to Benoit Mojon

exercises are available here


Work in progress


with Alexis Blasselle, a demonstration of a property of a Neo-Keynesian model by Jordi Gali : why the sum of the central banker's reaction to price and wages inflation must be strictly higher than one to ensure the rank condition ?

with Olfa Alouini, an investigation of fiscal spillovers in a monetary union, based on a simplified model with two countries.

with Jean Barthélemy, Magali Marx and Benoit Mojon, an extension of a previous work (Trends and cycles, an historical review of the euro area) with financial frictions


A usefull webpage for RBC or neo-Keynesian models :

A usefull tool for these models :

Usefull tips for juniors like me to write economic papers : Cochrane writing tips

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