Alexandre TSYBAKOV

Grade : Professeur des Universités (CMC-ENSAE)

Mail : alexandre.tsybakov[arrowbase]

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Research Interests



Nonparametric estimation, high-dimensional inference and sparsity, learning theory, statistics of inverse problems, classification, image analysis





Head of the Laboratory of Statistics of CREST 

Professor, Université Paris 6 

Professor, Ecole Polytechnique (2009-2015)

Editorial work:

Associate Editor of Annals of Statistics, Electronic Journal of Statistics, Journal de l'Ecole Polytechnique, Statistica Neerlandica, Automation and Remote Control, Statistical Science, Mathematical Statistics and Learning (Editor)





Tsybakov, A.B. (2009) Introduction to Nonparametric Estimation. Springer, New York e.a.    Errata

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Journal articles

Belomestny, D., Trabs, M., Tsybakov A.B. (2017) Sparse covariance matrix estimation in high-dimensional deconvolution. arxiv 1710.10870 PDF

Belloni, A., Chernozhukov, V., Kaul, A., Rosenbaum, M., Tsybakov A.B. (2017) Pivotal estimation via self-normalization for high-dimensional linear models with error in variables. arxiv 1708.08353

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Bellec, P.C., Lecué, G., Tsybakov, A.B. (2016) Slope meets Lasso: improved oracle bounds and optimality. arxiv1605.08651 PDF

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Koltchinskii, V., Lounici, K., Tsybakov, A.B. (2016) Estimation of low-rank covariance function. Stochastic Processes and their Applications, v.126, n.12, 3952-3967.  PDF

Butucea, C., Stepanova, N., Tsybakov, A.B. (2015) Variable selection with Hamming loss. Annals of Statistics, to appear. arxiv1512.01832 PDF

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Tsybakov, A.B. (2014) Aggregation and minimax optimality in high-dimensional estimation. In: Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians (Seoul, August 2014), v.3, 225-246. PDF

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Ingster, Yu.I., Pouet,C., Tsybakov, A.B. Classification of sparse high-dimensional vectors. Royal Society Philosophical Transactions A, v.367, 4427-4448 (2009) Full version with extended proofs available on arXiv:  PDF

Dalalyan, A., Tsybakov, A.B.  Aggregation by exponential weighting, sharp PAC-Bayesian bounds and sparsity. Machine Learning, v.72, 39-61 (2008).  PDF

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Tsybakov, A.B. On the best rate of adaptive estimation in some inverse problems. C.R. de l'Académie des Sciences, sér. I - Mathématiques. v. 330, 835-840 (2000). Full version with extended proofs: Adaptive estimation for inverse problems: a logarithmic effect in L_2. Preprint LPMA n.579 (May 2000) 

Earlier published papers: (2005-2009)  (2004) (1980-2008)









Cours Apprentissage statistique, Ecole Polytechnique (2014)

Projet 1

Projet 1, matériel supplémentaire: Chapitre 15 de [1]

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Projet 5

Saint Flour Lecture Notes (2013)  PDF



PhD students:

Simo Ndaoud (Ecole Polytechnique)

Alexis Derumigny (ENSAE)


 Former PhD students: 

Ghislaine Gayraud, Professor, Université Technologique de Compiegne

Laurent Cavalier, Professor, Université de Provence (deceased)

Cristina Butucea, Professor, Université de Marne-la-Vallée et ENSAE

Christophe Pouet, Professor, Ecole Centrale de Marseille

Karine Bertin, Professor, University of Valparaiso, Chili

Guillaume Lecué, Chargé de Recherche, CNRS et ENSAE

Philippe Rigollet, Associate Professor, MIT, USA

Karim Lounici, Professor, Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis 

Victor-Emmanuel Brunel, Assistant Professor, MIT, USA

Pierre Bellec, Assistant Professor, Rutgers University, USA





Work in progress


Recent preprints can be downloaded from :






Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (2004)

Miller Professor, University of California, Berkeley (2006)

IMS Medallion Lecture, Bernoulli Congress (Istanbul, 2012) 

Gay-Lussac -- Humboldt Prize (2013)

Invited Lecture, International Congress of Mathematicians (Seoul, 2014)















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