Jean-Michel ZAKOIAN

Grade : Professeur des Universités (CMC)

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Research Interests


Time Series, Theoretical and Financial Econometrics, Statistics.

Previous and current positions

Research Fellow at CREST, Full-time (2007- )
Professor, Applied Mathematics, Université Lille III (2000-... on leave since 2007).
Maître de Conférences, Applied mathematics, Université Lille I (1993-2000).



Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Administration Economique
5 Avenue Henry Le Chatelier 91120 Palaiseau




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Editorial Activities

Associate Editor for Econometric Theory (2012 - ).                                                                           

Associate Editor for Scandinavian Journal of statistics (2019 - )

Associate Editor for Journal of Time Series Analysis (2013 - )

Guest Associate Editor for Annals of Computational and Financial Econometrics (2011-2015).





Economica, Collection "Economie et statistiques avancées",  2009,
605 pages, with C. Francq.


GARCH  Models -  Structure, Estimation and Finance Applications 
John Wiley,  2010, ISBN 978-0-470-68391-0
with C. Francq.



GARCH  Models -  Structure, Estimation and Finance Applications - 2nd Edition
John Wiley,  2019, ISBN 978-1119313571
with C. Francq.

Journal articles



  1. Adaptiveness of the empirical distribution of residuals in semi-parametric conditional loaction-scale models. Forthcoming in Bernoulli, with C. Francq, 2021. 
  2. Testing the existence of moments for GARCH processes. Forthcoming in Journal of Econometrics, with C. Francq, 2021.
  3. Virtual Historical Simulation for estimating the conditional VaR of large portfoliosJournal of Econometrics, 217, 356-380, with C. Francq, 2020.
  4. Consistent Pseudo-Maximum Likelihood Estimators and Groups of TransformationsEconometrica 87, 327-345, with C.  Gouriéroux and A. Monfort, 2019.
  5. Mixed Causal-Noncausal AR Processes and the Modelling of Explosive Bubbles. Econometric Theory, 35, 1234-1270, with S. Fries, 2019.
  6. Functional GARCH models: the quasi-likelihood approach and its applicationsJournal of Econometrics, 209, 353-375, with C. Cerovecki, S. Hörmann and C. Francq, 2019.
  7. Estimation risk for the VaR of portfolios driven by semi-parametric multivariate modelsJournal of Econometrics, 205, 381-401, with C. Francq, 2018.
  8. Goodness-of-fit tests for log-GARCH and EGARCH modelsTest,   27, 27-51, with O. Wintenberger and C. Francq, 2018.
  9. Local explosion modelling by noncausal process. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B, 79, 737-756, with C. Gouriéroux, 2017.
  10. Estimating multivariate GARCH models equation by equation. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B,   2016, 78, 613-635, with C. Francq.
  11. Intrinsic liquidity in conditional volatility Models.  Annals of Economics and Statistics 123-124, 225-246, with S. Darolles, G. Lefol and C. Francq, 2016.
  12. Looking for efficient QML estimation of conditional VaRs at multiple risk levels.    Annals of Economics and Statistics 123-124, 9-28, with  C. Francq, 2016.
  13. Variance targeting estimation of multivariate GARCH models, Journal of Financial Econometrics,  14, 353-382, with C. Francq and L. Horvath, 2016.
  14. Asymptotic inference in multiple-threshold double autoregressive modelsJournal of Econometrics,  189, 415-427, with D. Li and S. Ling, 2015.
  15. On uniqueness of moving average representations of heavy-tailed stationary processes. Journal of Time Series Analysis, 36, 876-887, with C. Gouriéroux, 2015.
  16. Risk-parameter estimation in volatility models. Journal of Econometrics, 184, 158-173 with C. Francq, 2015.
  17. Comment on "Quasi-Maximum Likelihood Estimation of GARCH Models with Heavy Tailed Likelihoods" by J. Fan, L. Qi et D. Xiu. Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 32, 198-201 with C. Francq, 2014.
  18. Multi-level conditional VaR estimation in dynamic models. In Modeling Dependence in Econometrics. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Volume 251. Edts: V-N. Huynh et al., Springer, with C. Francq, 2014.
  19. Inference in non stationary asymmetric GARCH models. Annals of Statistics, 41:4, 70-98 with C. Francq, 2013.
  20. GARCH models without positivity constraints: Exponential or Log GARCH? Journal of Econometrics, 177, 34-46 with C. Francq and O. Wintenberger, 2013.
  21. Estimating the Marginal Law of a Time Series with Applications to Heavy Tailed Distributions. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 31:4, 412-425 with C. Francq, 2013.
  22. Optimal predictions of powers of conditionally heteroskedastic processes. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series B,  75, 345-367 with C. Francq, 2013. pdf
  23. Estimation adjusted VaR. Econometric Theory, 735-770 with C. Gouriéroux, 2013.
  24. Strict stationarity testing and estimation of explosive and stationary GARCH modelsEconometrica, 821-861, with C. Francq, 2012.
  25. QML estimation of a class of multivariate asymmetric GARCH modelsEconometric Theory, 28, 179-206, with C. Francq, 2012. 
  26. Two-stage non Gaussian QML estimation of GARCH Models and testing the efficiency of the Gaussian QMLEJournal of Econometrics, 165, 246-257, with C. Francq and G. Lepage, 2011.
  27. Merits and drawbacks of variance targeting in GARCH ModelsJournal of Financial Econometrics,   9, 619-656, with C. Francq and L. Horvath, 2011. 
  28. A conditionally heteroskedastic model with time-varying coefficients for daily gas spot pricesEnergy Economics 33, 1240-1251, with N. Regnard, 2011.
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  32. Structure and estimation of a class of nonstationary yet non explosive GARCH models. Journal of Time Series Analysis31, 348-364,  with N.Regnard, 2010.
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  1. Time Series
  2. Dynamic Models with Latent variables
  3. Financial Econometrics
  4. Risk Measures
  5. GARCH and Stochastic Volatility Models
  6. Statistics
  7. Probability and Integration,


Work in progress








Current PHD Student Supervision

Ophélie COUPERIER (joint with C. Francq and C. Hurlin), September 2017-now

Julien ROYER (joint with C. Francq), February 2019-now

Baye Matar KANDJI (joint with C. Francq), September 2020-now

Past PHD Student Supervision

Sébastien FRIES: Anticipative alpha-stable linear processes for time series analysis: conditional dynamics and estimation, 2018.

Ali AHMAD (joint with C. Francq): Contributions to the econometrics of integer-valued time series, 2016.

Guillaume LEPAGE (joint with C. Francq): Statistical inference of conditionally heteroskedastic models with stable innovations, non Gaussian contrast and misspecified volatility, 2012.

Nazim REGNARD: GARCH models with coefficients functions of an exogenous process, 2011. 

Taoufik HAMADEH (joint with C. Francq): Statistical inference in non linear GARCH models, 2010.

Yacouba B. MAINASSARA (joint with C. Francq): Estimation, validation and identification of weak vector ARMA models, 2009.

Ahmed ELGHINI (joint with C. Francq): Specification tests based on inverse autocorrelations. Asymptotic properties of inverse empirical autocorrelations, 2008. 

Hamdi RAISSI (joint with C. Francq): Contributions to the statistical inference of vector autoregressive and error-correction models, 2007. 

Antony GAUTIER (joint with C. Francq): Time-dependent coefficients time series models, 2004. 

Youssef SAIDI (joint with L. Broze): Probabilist and statistical study of non linear conditionally heteroscedastic models, 2003.





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