Philippe CHONE

Grade : Administrateur hors classe (ENSAE)


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Research Interests


Industrial Organization and Competition Policy

Health Economics

Public Economics (taxation, retirement)




Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (July 2011)

Ph.D., Toulouse University, (February 1999). Advisor: Jean-Charles Rochet

Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l’Administration Economique, ENSAE (1996)

Ecole Normale supérieure de Lyon (1994)



Professor of Economics, ENSAE, 2010-

Chief economist, Autorité de la concurrence (French Competition Authority), 2007-2009

Head of the Laboratoire d’économie industrielle, CREST-INSEE and CNRS, 2005-2006

Case handler and economist, Conseil de la concurrence (French Competition Authority), 2002-2004

Dept of Economic Studies (Fiscal Policy and Welfare Programs Unit) INSEE, 1999-2002

Assistant Professor, ENSAE, 1996-1999



Nonlinear pricing and exclusion: II. Must-stock products, with L. Linnemer, Rand Journal of Economics 47(3) 631-660, Fall 2016.

Optimal rationing within a heterogeneous population, with S. Gauthier, Journal of Public Economic Theory, forthcoming.

Optimal income tax in an extensive labor supply life-cycle model, with G. Laroque, CESifo Economic Studies, 1-19, 2016

Nonlinear pricing and exclusion: I. Buyer opportunism, with L. Linnemer, Rand Journal of Economics 46(2) 217-240, Summer 2015. Pdf file

On the optimal use of commitment decisions under European competition law, with S. Souam and A. Vialfont, International Review of Law and Economics 37 169-179, March 2014. Pdf file

A treatment effect method for merger analysis with an application to parking prices in Paris, with L. Linnemer, Journal of Industrial Economics 60(4) 631-656, December 2012. Pdf file

Optimal taxation in the extensive model, with G. Laroque, Journal of Economic Theory 146(2) 425-453, March 2011. Pdf file

Optimal healthcare contract under physician agency, with Albert Ching-to Ma, Annales d'Economie et de Statistique 101/102 229-256 January/June 2011. Pdf file

Optimal litigation strategies with observable case preparation, with L. Linnemer, Games and Economic Behavior 70(2) 271-288, November 2010. Pdf file

Negative marginal tax rates and heterogeneity, with G. Laroque, American Economic Review 100(5) 2532-47, December 2010. Pdf file

Assessing horizontal mergers under uncertain efficiency gains, with L. Linnemer, International Journal of Industrial Organization 26(4) 913-929, July 2008.

Optimal Incentives for Labor Force Participation, with G. Laroque, Journal of Public Economics 89(2-3) 395-425, February 2005.

Offre de travail féminine et garde des jeunes enfants, with D. le Blanc and I. Robert-Bobée, Economie et Prévision, 162-1 (2004)

Allocating and Funding Universal Services Obligations in a Competitive Market, with L. Flochel and A. Perrot, International Journal of Industrial Organization 20(9) 1247-1276, November 2002

Une analyse de la participation des couples à la force de travail, Revue économique, 53(6), novembre 2002

Tarification à la pathologie et hétérogénéité des établissements de santé [English title: DRG Payments and Hospitals’ Heterogeneity], with R. Lesur, Revue d’Economie Politique, 112(1), janvier-février 2002

Obligations de service universel et concurrence, with A. Perrot and L. Flochel, Economie et Prévision, vol. 156 (2002)

Quelles fonctions économiques pour des « opérateurs de soins » dans le système de santé français ? [English title: Introducing Managed Care in the French Health Care System], with M. Grignon and R. Mahieu, Revue Française d’Economie, vol XVI, July (2001)

Universal Service Obligation and Competition, with A. Perrot and L. Flochel, Information Economics and Policy 12(3) 249-259, September 2000.

Ironing, Sweeping and Multidimensional Screening, with J.-C. Rochet, Econometrica 66(4) 783-826, July 1998.

A Non-Convergence Result for Conformal Approximations of Variational Problems Under a Convexity Constraint, with H. Le Meur, Numer. Funct. Analysis and Optimization 22(5) 529-548, 2001.

A regularity result for critical points of conformally invariant functionals, Potential Analysis 4(3) 269-296, June 1995


Competition Policy for Health Care Provision in France, Health Policy 121(2) 111-118, February 2017

Quelle place pour la concurrence dans le secteur hospitalier?, Concurrences, 1-2017

Contrôle des concentrations et concurrence spatiale: L'exemple de la fusion des groupes Banques Populaires et Caisses d'Epargne, with E. Pfister, Revue Lamy de la concurrence, vol. 22, 103-107, 2010

The Communication from the Commission on Article 82: A welcome advance in antitrust enforcement, Concurrences 2-2009. Another version of the paper is forthcoming in: "Structure and Effect of EU Competition Law", International Competition Law Series, Kluwer Law International, The Hague, London, New-York

How to remedy anticompetitive effects of vertical mergers? Two recent French cases, with V. Meunier, Concurrences 3-2008

Communication et échanges d'information sur les marchés oligopolistiques, Revue Lamy de la concurrence, janvier-mars 2008

Competition cases in France, in: Competition cases from the European Union, Ioannis Kokkoris, ed., Sweet & Maxwell, 2007

Analyse stratégique des garanties de prix bas: une brève revue de la littérature, with H. Bourguignon, Revue d'économie industrielle, 2ème trimestre 2007

L’articulation des politiques de concurrence et de régulation sectorielle, in: "Les engagements dans les systèmes de régulation", Droit et économie de la Régulation, volume 4, Marie-Anne Frison-Roche, éd., March 2008. Also in: "Politiques de la concurrence", Rapport du Conseil d’analyse économique, David Encaoua and Roger Guesnerie, June 2006

Services d’experts et « produits de confiance » : asymétries d’information et défaillances de marché, Revue Lamy de la concurrence, octobre/décembre 2006




Intermediate microeonomics (2010-) Dynamic pricing (2015-), Health Economics (2015-)

Competition policy (2004-2012) Advanced Industrial organization, with Ph. Février, L. Linnemer, Th. Vergé (2009-) Health Economics (graduate level) 2000 and 2001. Economics of Taxation (graduate level) 2001. Econometrics and Time-Series Models (intermediate level) 1996-1999

At Ecole Polytechnique:

Organizational Economics and Corporate Finance, with L. Linnemer (2006-2014), Competition Policy, with D. Sevy (2008-2013), Industrial Economics (2004-2008), Undergrad. Micro and Macroeconomics (2000), Intermediate Micro (2001,2002)


Work in progress


Spatial nonprice competition: A network approach, with L. Wilner, Pdf file (under review)

Partial exclusivity, with L. Linnemer and Th. Vergé

Optimal dynamic pricing with demand uncertainty and finite inventory, with L. Linnemer

The dynamics of used car prices, with L. Linnemer

Intertemporal pricing with unobserved consumer arrival times, with R. de Nijs and L. Wilner, Pdf file (reject and resubmit, Marketing Science)

On the redistributive power of pensions, with G. Laroque, Pdf file (under review)

Introducing activity-based payment in the hospital industry: Evidence from French data, with L. Wilner and E. Yilmaz

Are physician fees responsive to competition?, with E. Coudin and A. Pla

Physician competition and sick-listing behavior', with M. Zakri




Other Professional Activities

Non-permanent member of the Autorité de la concurrence (French competition agency)

Member of the National Committee on Health Accounts, French Ministry of Health

Member of the scientific committee of Agence technique de l'information sur l'hospitalisation (ATIH)

Member of the scientific committee of Institut de recherche et documentation en économie de la santé (IRDES)

Member of the scientific committee of Concurrences Review

Part-time professor at Ecole Polytechnique. 2004-present

Referee for Econometrica, Journal of Political Economy, Review of Economic Studies, Rand Journal of Economics, Journal of Public Economics, International Economic Review, Games and Economic Behavior, European Economic Review, Economic Journal, Journal of Health Economics, Health Economics, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, Social Choice and Welfare, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Research in Economics, Les Annales d’Economie et de Statistique, Economie et Statistique, Information Economics and Policy, Economie et Prévision, Recherches économiques de Louvain

Reports for the Conseil des impôts: Income tax and the personal situation of taxpayers (2000), European internal market and VAT (2001)

Seminars, visits and conferences

University of York (2016)
EARIE Conference, Lisbon (2016)
Bergen university (2016)
Toulouse University (2016)
Marseilles (2016)
Health Foundation, London (2016)
Uppsala University (2015)
Boston University and UC Santa Barbara (2014)
EARIE Confence, Milan (2014)
EARIE Confence, Evora (2013)
CESifo Conference on Applied Microeconomics (2013)
Labour Markets and the Welfare State, Institute for Fiscal Studies and UCL, London (2012)
Vanderbilt Tax conference, Nashville, Tennessee (2012)
Tilburg Law and Economics Center, Tilburg University (2011)
CESifo Conference on Applied Microeconomics, Keynote lecture, Munich (2010)
EARIE Confence, Toulouse (2008)
Local Co-Organizer of the Paris IO CEPR Conference, hosted by the Conseil de la concurrence (2008)
Association for competition economics, Toulouse (2007)
Workshop on econometric methods, Italian competition authority, Roma (2007)
CESifo Applied Micro Conference, Munich (2007)
Seminars at Univ North Carolina / Duke and Boston University (2006)
Conference on the Industrial Organization of Healthcare, Hyannis, Cape Cod, USA (2004)
Boston University (2003)
Hong Kong University (2002)
Boston University (2001)
ESEM and EEA Conferences, Lausanne (2001)
Econometric Society World Congress, Seattle (2000)
Stanford University and Vancouver University (1998)
Stanford University (1997)
Some presentations in competition policy
DG COMP Economics Seminar, Brussels (2010), Max-Planck-Institute, Hamburg (2009), Entretiens du Conseil d'Etat, Paris (2009), RBB Conference on pricing abuses in the EC guidance on Article 82, Brussels (2009), International Competition Network, Unilateral conduct workshop Washington (2009), Conseil d'Etat, Paris (2009), Petit-Déjeuner Sorbonne-Affaires, Paris  (2009), Pros and Cons of high prices, Stockholm (2008), LECG Como Summit (2007), DGTPE-concurrence seminar (2007), Brussels CRA annual conference (2007), Cour de Cassation (2005 and 2006), Autorité de régulation des postes et communications électroniques ARCEP (2005), DGCCRF (2006)

-Presentations and seminars on health economics, coorganisation of CEPE Santé en 2000 et 2001, Caisse nationale d’assurance-maladie (2000)


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