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Research Interests


Financial econometrics, dependence modelling, risk management, credit derivatives, financial applications of machine learning


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Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches (2009)
Thesis in Statistics, University Paris VI (1998)
Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Administration Economique (1994)
DEA Statistique et Modèles Aléatoires en Economie et Finance, Univ. Paris VII (1992)
DEA Modélisation et Méthodes Mathématiques en Economie, Univ. Paris I (1991)
Agrégation de Mathématiques (1990)
Ecole Normale Supérieure (1988)
Concours Général in Geography (1985)




Professor of Finance and Statistics, ENSAE (2009-)
Senior Quant, Fixed Income Research Team, BNP-Paribas (2006-2009)
Head of Risk, CooperNeff AM (2005-2006)
Head of risk methodologies, Ixis CIB (2002-2005)
Head of the Statistics Laboratory, INSEE-CREST (2000-2002)
Professor of Statistics, ENSAE (1999-2002)
Head of the section « Professions-Qualifications-Formation », Division of Employment, INSEE (1996-1999)
Member of the Research Department, INSEE (1994-1996)



Publications in Statistics, financial econometrics and finance

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Publications in Economics

  1. "La durée du travail à temps complet", with M-P. Baésa, Insee Première 545 (1997)

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Other publications

  1. "In defence of the Gaussian copula", Creditflux, may 2011, 20-21.

  2.  "Les stress-test : de la théorie à la pratique", Banque Stratégie, 282, 8-10 (2010).

  3. "Quelles compétences pour le risk manager de demain", with P. Biscourp, Banque, 721, 75-77 (2010).

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  5. "Améliorer le contrôle des risques", in "20 propositions pour réformer le capitalisme", pp. 153-164, G. Giraud & C. Renouard (ed.), Flammarion (2009)

  6. "La rénovation de la nomenclature des professions et catégories socio-professionnelles", in Les professions et leur sociologie, P-M Menger (ed.), Editions de la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (2003).

My thesis

"Contributions à l'Analyse Nonparamétrique des Fonctions de Hasard sur Données Multivariées et Censurées",Thesis, 1998.





Past and current courses at ENSAE :

· Estimation and an introduction to the theory of tests (2nd year),

· Duration Models (3rd year): pdf version, or ps version.

· Nonlinear Econometrics (3rd year)

- Introduction to Risk Management (3rd year)

- Copulas and Applications in Finance (3rd year)

- Credit Derivatives (3rd year)

- Machine learning for finance (3rd year)


Work in progress


"Agents' behavior on Multi-Dealer-to-Client bond trading platforms" with O. Guéant and A. Rachez (2015).

"Estimation of copulas via Maximum Mean Discrepancy", with P. Alquier, B. Cherief-Abdelatif, A. Derumigny (2020) arXiv:2010.00408

"Identifiability and estimation of meta-elliptical copula generators", with A. Derumigny (2021) arXiv:2106.12367 

"Testing for equality between conditional copulas given discretized conditioning events", with A. Derumigny and A. Min (2021) arXiv:2008.09498 










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