Christian-Yann ROBERT

Grade : Professeur des Universités Lyon 1

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Research Interests


Extreme Value Theory and Statistics
Actuarial Theory and Practice
Statistical Finance
Statistical Learning




Actuary, Member of the Institut des Actuaires.
2009: H.D.R. in applied mathematics at University Paris-Dauphine, defended on 23rd november 2009.
1998-2001: Ph.D. in applied mathematics at University Paris Diderot, defended on 7th january 2002.
1997-1998: Postgraduate degree in Statistics from University Paris Diderot.
1995-1998: Postgraduate degree in Statistics and Economics at ENSAE, Paris.



› 2019- : Professor of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences at ENSAE, Research fellow at the Laboratory in Finance and Insurance (LFA) CREST - Center for Research in Economics and Statistics

› 2010-2019: Professor of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences at ISFA
Institut de Science Financière et d'Assurances, UCBL, Lyon

› 2006-2010 : Associate Professor in Actuarial Science at ENSAE, Director of Graduate Studies at the CEA

› 2003-2006 : Assistant Professor of Statistics at Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM)

› 2002-2003 : Junior researcher at Centre International de Recherche et de Développement de l’Assurance Dépendance (SCOR)




Denuit, M. and Robert, C. (2007). Actuariat des Assurances de Personnes: Modélisation, Tarification et Provisionnement. Collection Audit-Actuariat-Assurance, Economica, Paris.

Book chapters

Robert, C. (2000). Extremes of a-ARCH models. Lecture Notes in Statistics, 147, 223-244.
Robert, C. and Rosenbaum, M. (2011). The model with uncertainty zones for ultra high frequency prices and durations; applications to statistical estimation and mathematical finance. Econophysics Of Order-Driven Markets. F. Abergel, B. Chakrabarti, A. Chakraborti (editors), Springer.
Planchet, F. and Robert, C. (2016). From internal to ORSA models. Modelling in Life Insurance – A Management Perspective. Laurent, J.-P., Norberg, R., Planchet, F. (editors), Springer.
Robert, C. (2016). The threat of model risk for insurance companies. Modelling in Life Insurance – A Management Perspective. Laurent, J.-P., Norberg, R., Planchet, F. (editors), Springer.

Journal articles

Robert, C. (1998). Mouvements extrêmes des séries financières haute fréquence. Finance, 19, 221-247.
Robert, C. (2005). Asymptotic probabilities of an exceedance over renewal thresholds and an application to risk theory. Journal of Applied Probability, 42, 153--162.
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Robert C. (2013). Market Value Margin calculations under the Cost of Capital approach within a Bayesian chain ladder framework. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 53, 216--229.
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Cossette, H., Gadoury S.P., Marceau, E. and Robert, C. (2019). Composite likelihood estimation method for hierarchical Archimedean copulas defined with multivariate compound distributions. To appear in Journal of Multivariate Analysis.
Baudry, M. and Robert, C. (2019). A Machine Learning approach for individual claims reserving in insurance. To appear in Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry.



Risk Theory 
› Extreme Value Theory 

Work in progress

Articles submitted or in revision

› Robert, C. (2018). Power variations for a class of Brown-Resnick processes.
Koch, E. and Robert, C. (2018). Infinitesimal perturbation analysis for the Smith max-stable random field.
Robert, C. (2019). How large is the jump discontinuity in the diffusion coefficient of an Ito diffusion?

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